Tuesday, June 26, 2012

They say some people have it, and some people don't.  I, on the other hand like to think that everyone has somewhat of their own "style bone" even if it really is buried bone deep. Now when I say style I am not just referring to the types of clothing someone wears and how they put it all together, but their all around style. The way they speak, the way they walk, the way they think, their ideas and desires, what they spend their day doing, the books they read, the art they like, the music they listen to. All of these things and more, bundled and packaged together create a person's unique style.

So, if I continue with this blog, which I actually should this time considering it's probably the 5th I've begun and not taken anywhere, it will be filled with my own personal style, my inspirations, and daily adventures (in the hopeful instance that I will have some and not just continue laying in the sun all day).

Let the bloggin adventure commence!

This is a typical me photo. Jammin at Coachella. 

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  1. How cute is your outfit?! It's definitely a Coachella look. Have a lovely weekend! xoxo, MS