Monday, July 2, 2012

Beat the Heat

FINALLY, internet. That is what I have to say, considering the power has been out in my summer Virginia home for the past 3 days. You would think that what is apparently one of the wealthiest counties in America would have their electricity systems figured out well enough to get the power back up and running in a timely manner, but I guess they figure everyone can afford to stay in a hotel for a week or so, leaving me in a wretched 100 degree house with a few bags of stale chips to live off of. At least I am always at work, which is air conditioned, has internet, and on Mondays we're closed, so I just answer the phone, sit on my laptop, and play Snoop Dogg over the speakers. It's a pretty ideal situation overall.

Anyways, life has been full of heat. All I've really done in the past few days is sweat, work, bleed (just kidding..kinda) eat, live through vicious storms, and sit in darkness in the power outage. So here are some looks that have helped me beat the heat and some stuff I've done meanwhile to cope with it...

Lunch with Henry. Rockin the braids to keep cool.

Henry looking fantastic per usual.

This is definitely my ideal summer outfit for right now. No top (too hot), shorts, and bones. Yes yes yes.

Beat da Heat #1

And finally, a typical heat rejecting summer outfit for me. Loose, light material maxi dress, definitely worn without bra or underwear for optimum heat rejecting purposes. Gladiators, round rimmed sunglasses, nifty earrings, large backpack to carry around my laptop and belongings that do not work without electricity, and of course, my summer fave: orange tinted lipstick.

Alright yalll more to come very soon. 


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  1. I totally understand. I once went 3 days without internet and felt like I was going mad :D